Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Own Indiana Jones

My Mother in Law stayed with us this last week to help with the kids while I'm recovering. I'm very thankful for the help.
Being a Grandmother, she took every opportunity to spoil the children. The result was almost NO naps, eating out, and new stuff that they didn't really need. One of the things that Gran bought for Zander was some "Indiana Jones Shoes". Apparently, in order to dress up like Indiana Jones, he just HAS to have brown boots. His mother didn't think that they were necessary, but ask Gran, and you shall receive.
After she got them for him, I told him that he HAD to get some rest. He hadn't had a nap all week, and it was showing in his behavior. I told him that he didn't have to sleep, but he needed to spend an hour of "quiet time" in his room.
We went to check on him a while later, and this is what we saw


Caranna said...

Grandmas are great! I always liked when Mom came to help me after I had babies. It's a BIG help!
Zander is a cutie! I love little boys who like to pretend. I think it's so much fun!

Krystal said...

thats wonderful! naps are great! :D haha i try to get the kids to say "CASH" when grandma asks them what they want.

Windsor World said...

Hi Slinker family,
We got your update letter in the mail yesterday..your little new addition is BEAUTIFUL! Of course so is Zander and Ady Congrats..glad that I found your blog site what a great way to keep in touch! take care, Love the Windsor family..

myminimocs said...

how cute is that! it's great that you have some help while you're bonding and recovering - hope this comment finds you doing well!