Thursday, January 8, 2009

Preschool, Update, and Other Stuff

I've finally got a second to blog. The last week or so has been CRAZY!

Zander started preschool on Monday. I knew that it would be a little rough. He hates change. But, I had no idea JUST how hard it would be.
Here he is on the first day, all ready to go:

We went a little early to meet the teacher and see the classroom and everything. He was pretty shy and first and didn't want to talk to her. But he like the toys and started playing with them. But, then it was time to go meet the other kids getting off the bus and we had to go with her. He didn't want to do that. And then, he had to go back to the classroom and sit on the carpet for circle time. He was NOT happy about that. He wanted to play with the toys, and DIDN'T like the teacher telling him that he couldn't. Plus, it was time for Mommy to leave. Oh what a fun fit he had. The teacher had to literally hold him down while I left. He was screaming and crying. I had to leave the room very quickly so that he didn't see me break down into tears. I sat in the parking lot and cried for several minutes.
Leaving him there was one of the hardest things I've had to do as a mother. But, when I went to pick him up a few hours later, he was smiling and happy. The teacher told me that he'd stopped crying not long after I left.
He still is having a little trouble with separation when I drop him off. But, it's getting better each day. He did tell me that he made a friend, so I'm hoping that will make everything better.

Now, for an update about my crazy order. I'm getting much closer to being done. In fact, my goal is to have it ready to ship on Monday. I've had some help (thanks so much West Family!) I *think* I can handle the rest on my own - with my wonderful husband's help of course.
At this point, I'm actually have everything done that I CAN do. I'm waiting on some supplies - fabric and bells - before I can finish the rest. They SHOULD arrive today. (I'll be very disappointed if they don't.)
So, here's all I have left to complete:
  • 13 Dogs - done, just waiting for bells. Need stuffed and finished.
  • 12 Octopus - waiting for fabric
  • 14 Pink and White ZadyMinis - waiting for fabric

Considering the fact that I've got close to 150 done, this should be no problem at all.

Last but not least - here's the latest belly update. I'm 38 weeks today. The baby is scheduled to be born ONE WEEK from today!!! And for the first time, I'm be happy to have her hang out in there until then. I don't want her to come early. Although, Zander was born at 38 weeks, so there's always that possibility.
Here's my belly today.


Krystal said...

great job getting that order just about filled and best of luck to your son with preschool! Take care!

Ashley & Kevin said...

Wow that is impressive! Your belly is so tiny!

jenny said...

well to days the 11th and well did you get the rest of the balls done yet? or did the baby come yet just wanted to know :)