Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zadyball News

So, in case you haven't noticed, I haven't done very many new things with Zadyball this year. It really isn't because I haven't wanted to... it's just with three kids, a husband, and just LIFE demanding my attention, I haven't really taken the time to work at it as hard as I want to. And I feel a little bad about that, but I know that I need to have my priorities straight.
Anyway, I am actually very grateful for any reason I have to be creative and come with new idea. I've had that opportunity this week.
On Etsy (which is, as you know, my favorite website), there is a tradition known as the Etsy Baby Shower. (Not the same thing as the one sponsored by the EtsyBaby team, but that's a whole different story). I really think that this is a great thing. It is open to anyone who wants to participate, and gives new moms things that they probably wouldn't have gotten anyway, and gives sellers an opportunity to give. I've really enjoyed giving gifts to expectant mom's through this program for the last two years, and I got to BE one of the mom's when I was expecting my baby.
Back to the point... It is that time again... I signed up to donate two gifts and I told the mom's that I would be happy to make them a custom Zadyball. I was really excited that they took me up on the offer, because it gave me the chance to be creative!
One of the moms told me that she had purchased this set of prints from falldowntree for her son's room, and had decorated with shades of blue and teal.

So, I decided to use the prints as inspiration for a Zadyball. (I find I work much better and creating new ideas if I have something to use as inspiration. Maybe I'm not really all that creative after all.)

Here's the finished product.

For the brown, I used some soft, fuzzy fabric that I used to make my son's Halloween costume (he'll be the cowardly lion). I decided that the lion had to have a tail, so I added one.

I really think it turned out cute, and I'm proud of it! I hope both mommy and baby love it! :D

(I'll be making another one to add to my Etsy shop soon - contact me if you want more info)

Monday, October 5, 2009

I've been a naughty blogger lately. It's not that I don't have anything going on. In fact, I have the opposite problem. I feel like I am ALWAYS doing something and always think about blogging, but somehow never get around to it.

So.... here's a run-down of what we've been doing the last few weeks.

Ady got a hair cut. I was sick and tired of looking at her chewing on her hair. And always trying to get food and who knows what else out of it. So, I got it cut. I think it turned out pretty cute - not super short, but short enough.

Zander refuses to get his hair cut. He's decided that long hair is cool and so he wants to grow it out. He has developed a fondness for hair gel and is always asking me to "spike" it for him. Crazy, crazy kids.

We joined a martial art's academy. I'll blame that one on my husband who is every salesperson's dream. We went to a "free" self-defense lesson for the kids. It was really good, and they had a lot of fun with it. Of course there was a "deal" involved. If we signed up that day, we would get free uniforms for the whole family, and a big discount for the first month. So... how could we pass that up? (I did grumble a little bit...)
The kids really have been loving it. I do think it's very good for them, but I don't see how we can keep it up after the month is over.
The parents are invited to join in the kid's classes. Brandon has gone with them to most of the lessons. I went to one....

They also have a kick-boxing class. I've gone to three sessions. It is a WORK OUT! An hour long of non-stop. I should be in REALLY good shape by the end of the month. (If I survive!)

We temporarily had an additional member of our family. Brandon found this kitten outside our front door when he was leaving to go to a meeting. He had me take her in and feed her. Of course the kids fell in love instantly, but, we just didn't see how we could take on the responsibility of another pet right now. Maybe when the kids are a little older and can actually care for it instead of torturing it. (There was a LOT of that going on!)
We talked to a few people and after she had spent three days with us, we found a new home for her.

The kids of course were very heartbroken. But, they'll get over it. (It really is amazing how much your perspective on these kinds of things changes when you're "old" like me. I brought home more than one stray kitten when I was a kid, and was SO upset when my parents wouldn't let me keep them.)

Today was an exciting day for Zander. He got an award at school for "Straight A's with 3 100's". Yippee!

AND, he LOST his first tooth! It's been really loose for a while now, and today he asked his dad if he could help him get it out. So, Brandon wrapped some floss around it and... pulled! It's exciting, but just a little sad too. Just more proof that my little boy is growing up!

Now you are up to date on the going ons of our family. (If you actually made it through the post that is!)