Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More favorites - nursing help

Here's a couple more things that I got from Etsy that I'm very excited about.

First, I got this Nursing Cover-up from BoogabooBabies. This has been one of my favorite shops on Etsy for a long time. I've gotten a few other things from her as well, and have always been happy with them.
If cover-ups like this existed when I was nursing my first two babies, I didn't know about them. Instead, I would struggle with a blanket, trying to stay modest while nursing in public. And, when my babies were a little older, they'd always try to pull the blanket off, exposing mommy's bare chest to the world. But now, I've already used this cover-up a few times. It is so convenient - it folds up nicely and fits in the diaper bag! An adjustable strap goes around the neck to hold it on, and there is boning in the front so that I can see my baby, and she can see me, and I can stay covered. I love it!

Another nursing helper that I got is this Nursing Bra from Modest Milk. This is another awesome shop with all things nursing. When I purchased this bra, she asked for my measurements and made it specifically for me. It is super comfortable, and provides easy nursing access. I like it so much, I might have to get another one!

Be sure to visit both of these shops - they have great stuff!


I've posted before about this crazy, no good law. Tomorrow, bloggers are uniting to write about the dangers of CPSIA.

To learn more - go HERE.

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boogaboobabies said...

Thanks so much for posting about my nursing coverups!

I am so glad you are getting to use your cover. :-) Ainzlee is such a beautiful little princess!