Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Website - and a Blog Makeover

You may have noticed that I've made some changes to my blog.
(Yes, I KNOW - It's about stinkin' time!)

I was very sick and tired of the old look, but I just hadn't gotten around to changing it. I figured while I had a few more days left of Brandon staying home to keep the kids busy, I had better take advantage and get some things done.



I might still tweak it a bit, but I think it looks quite a bit better than it did before. I'd love to get some opinions though.

I've also been working on a new website. Not that I don't love Etsy (ya'll know I do), but I thought it would be nice to have an actual website as well. I'm almost ready to officially launch it for the world to see, but I'd like to have some opinions on it first.
If anyone is willing to be my guinea pig and test my new website - I'll give you a 20% discount! Just use the code "OPEN20" when checking out. I have items listed there that aren't currently on my Etsy page.
Here's a link to the new site

1 comment:

debra g said...

It looks great!!! Can't wait to check out the website. I think I might need to place an order, too. There's lots of babies being born out here!