Monday, January 12, 2009

DONE - and almost done

Well, I guess it's time to give an update.
My big wholesale order is DONE - in fact, I just shipped it off! Yay me! I can finally take the next couple of days and RELAX!
Although, we did have a little bit of a scare yesterday. I woke up having contractions. They were pretty mild, and only maybe 10 minutes apart. I wasn't sure if it was anything to worry about or not. But, they started getting a little stronger later in the day, and seemed to be closer together. My wonderful, well-meaning husband, insisted that it was time to call the doctor. I don't think that he realizes that when he starts getting worked up, it just scares me all the more and makes things seem worse than they really are. Anyway, we got a hold of the on-call doctor, and she told me to head to the hospital right away.

I guess I should give a little background. Even though this is my third baby, I've never really had "real" labor. With my first, my water broke, but then... nothing. They induced me, and I had contractions, but they never got regular and I only dilated to a 2cm after 20 hours. So, I ended up having a c-section. With my second baby, she was a scheduled c-section, and I never had any kind of labor pains.
So, having contractions this time kind of worried me. Especially after hearing all the horror stories about what can happen if you have contractions after having c-sections. (doesn't sound like fun).

Anyway, when I got to the hospital, they sent me to triage and checked my cervix. No surprise, I wasn't at all dilated. They monitored the baby and the contractions for a while. They told me that yes, I was having contractions, but they weren't very regular (no surprise there either) and obviously weren't doing anything. (Other than causing me pain and discomfort). So, the on-call doctor called the room and talked to me (didn't even bother coming in) and told me that if I really was in pain, we could do the c-section, but otherwise, they'd give me something to stop the contractions and wait until Thursday as planned. Well, I really didn't like the idea of having someone I've never met preform major surgery on me, (and I thought she was a little rude too - but that's probably the pain and hormones talking). So, I opted to have them stop the contractions. They gave me a couple shots and sent me home.
The shots made me feel really shaky and weird, but they did the trick. I came home and went to bed. Today I'm feeling MUCH better. I think I can last a few more days.

In other news, as if we don't have enough going on, my kids have new pets.
Daddy had made a deal with each of them. Zander had to count to 100 on his own, Ady to 10, and Daddy would by them each a FISH. Well, on Friday, Ady counted to 10 out of the blue. More then once. So, Daddy took her to the pet store. But came home with one of these: (not my picture)

Does that look like a FISH to you?? Of course, when Zander saw Ady's hamster, he wanted one too. So he worked hard all day, and was able to count to 100 by dinner time. So, we went BACK to the pet store, and got ANOTHER hamster. Just what we need. They are pretty shy, and keep hidden most of the time, but I'll try to get a picture of them, sometime.
I've told Brandon that it is up to HIM to make sure they are taken care of. I hope the cat doesn't realize they are there....

Well, that's what's going on in our world today. My next post might have baby pictures! :)


Caranna said...

I've been thinking about you Layney! Last night I thought "Alayna's having a baby this week" What a strange thought. I don't if I'll ever get over the weirdness of scheduling a birth!
It's always been a surprise at our house! And I kind of like it that way.
But it must be nice to plan it - I'm sure you feel more organized that way ;)
I'm glad that everything is fine.
I've never seen a fish with so much fur! But way to go to your kids! Tate gets to about 47 - does a big sigh and declares "I'm tired of this game and I need a rest!" What a weird kid! And Canton counts to 5, then gets bored and runs away.
Oran doesn't talk much at all! - I spent yesterday in the nursery and saw kids younger than he is spouting full sentences! CRAZY!

Good luck! And I hope you make it 'til Thursday so you can have your doctor and all those things you have planned.
I love you Layney!

hillari said...

wow--Brandon is crazy! Glad your contractions stopped. I had those for a few weeks with Finley,and they aren't very fun. Good luck on Thursday!

Krystal said...

yay! you have great timing. good job finishing your order and good luck with the baby!

debra g said...

We had hamsters, too! And I was sure glad when they died. Although the dog dug one up and carried it around the back yard for a while before we discovered it. If they are 2 males just don't keep them in the same cage. They'll fight. Ours got his eye gouged a little. He ahd a little bubble on his eye for the rest of his life (3 years). Are you cheered up, yet? Let me add more. Their cages start to stink within minutes of being cleaned. On the upside, they are too cute to resist (don't blame Brandon). It's part of their survival skills. And they are soft and cuddly (if they are nice, that is). Good luck! Oh, and they bite! Be careful.
And good luck with the baby. Hope all goes well.

Andrew, Amy & Evelyn said...

I'm glad to hear everything stopped and went back to normal. I can't wait to see pictures of the cute new baby!! Good luck tomorrow! :)