Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pregnancy brings crazy dreams!

I had a really weird dream last night. I think it's because the baby was moving so much, my subconscious created something out of it. I don't know. But, for some reason I was asked to participate in a photo shoot (I think that part was from watching "America's Next Top Model" last night). It was taking place at Disneyland in front of the "It's a Small World" clock tower. (Why, I don't know!)
But, they wanted to have the baby in the picture. So, no problem, she just some how wriggled her way out. (That's from all the crazy moving around, I'm sure!) But, I was able to hold my beautiful baby! And she really was beautiful! I got a good look at her and everything. She had a full head of dark, brown hair, and big blue eyes! *sigh* I wonder if that's what she'll really look like. It will be fun to see!
Anyway, in the dream the baby and I were wrapped in nothing but a white sheet for the pictures. Not something I would normally do in real life, but whatever. Then, when it was over, she went back into my belly (weird and kinda gross, I know! But, in the dream it seemed perfectly normal), and I had to leave in, what else... a boat!
I am really starting to FEEL pregnant now. I think I am officially in the 3rd trimester, and starting to get uncomfortable. I'm getting worn out easily. I have no desire to clean my house (even though I need to. BADLY). In fact... my kids are napping right now. I might go take a nap too!


hillari said...

I know what you mean--I have been sewing like crazy, and my house is a trashed disaster right now. I'm sure it is much worse than yours. And my mom and dad are coming in town tomorrow.
that is a pretty strange dream! You'll have to remember what she looked like to compare with her when she really does come out.

MonikaRose said...

G'day, congratulations on pregancy. I am in same state know with messy house, crochet creations for etsy store has taken over. It is strange dream, but take note, remember for when she is born. This dream is telling you something. have a great day and visit me @ and here
Cya MonikaROse