Friday, October 17, 2008

The Etsy Baby Shower

A couple times a year, there is a "baby shower" on Etsy for all the expecting moms. Sellers offer to donate gifts, and the moms are lucky enough to get them! I've participated as a giver the last few times, and this time, I got to be one of the moms!

Here's the forum thread about it, and an article that was on Etsy's blog - the Storque.

I've already received two of my gifts. They are SO wonderful that I thought I would share them here!

First, I received these adorable little aprons from Lizzypops. They are like bibs, but BETTER because they cover the baby up more! And they are just oh so cute! I can't wait to use them!

Next, I got one of these beautiful changing mats from Made By Kate. It is really big, and really soft! It will making changing diapers *almost* enjoyable!

Look here to see all the items that were donated (including mine).

And please check out Lizzypops and Made By Kate, they are awesomely, wonderful people with fantastic shops!

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RedMarionette said...

That is a wonderful idea that Etsy has! Aw! Great items as well!