Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Pregnancy Update

I am starting to worry about what this baby will be like once she makes her entrance into the world. It seems like she is moving ALL THE TIME! I don't think either of my other kids moved this much when I was pregnant with them. It is starting to get difficult to get any rest!

Here's my belly at 25 weeks pregnant:
25 weeks preggo belly

I had an umm... unusual compliment yesterday. I went to the chiropractor (anyone who is in Phoenix - Dr. Neilson is AWESOME!). After my adjustment, he took me into another room to have heat and electrodes put on my neck (very nice!) I thought it was clear that I am pregnant - the doctor said something about it being okay for my to lay on my belly for another month or so, and another woman in the room said something about it too... Plus, I think I look pregnant.
Anyway, there were a couple of teenage girls there with their mother, and they were leaving as I came in. While the nurse/helper was getting me set up, she said "So, are you in high school too?"
I had to laugh out loud! I told her it has been several years since I've been in high school, but thank you very much for the compliment.
After I thought about it though, I had to wonder what she thought when I came in... if she thought I was in high school.... and pregnant? hm....
I guess I'll just take the compliment and be happy. But still... very odd!


Brandi Jo said...

You look great! I can't believe you are 25 weeks already! It seems like for me it has gone by so fast... but I guess it always does when you are the one who is not pregnant!

Caranna said...

I had a baby who was ALWAYS moving! And he hasn't stopped since ;) So good luck with that!
And it might sound a little odd, but even in the womb I could lul him to sleep if I sang.
People kind of look at you funny when you're singing to your belly, but don't let that bother you.
Love you Layney!

OH, and it was SO fun to see you. Sorry I was too tired to be much fun.

New England Quilter said...

Great self portrait! Thanks for sharing your babe on the way with us all! I am almost 35 and sometimes still get asked if I am a student at the high school I teach math at - Take it as a compliment!

ElegantSnobbery said...

My first daughter kicked me like a professional soccer player morning, noon and night. Even now at three, she never stops moving! My littlest never made a peep inside me. I worried about her all the time, as I never felt her move! When she was born, she slept for the first four months.

Babies are such funny little things!!

marissa said...

oh my gosh the high school comment was so so funny!