Sunday, August 3, 2008

Terrible Twos and More about the room

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Because we have been working on Ady's room, we couldn't let her sleep in there. We set up a pack-n-play in our bedroom and tried to get her to sleep in there instead. She doesn't do well when she isn't in her bed. She didn't have a nap AT ALL on Friday. (Instead she stood in there and screamed for over an hour until we finally gave up.) Friday night she didn't sleep very well either.
So, she was lots of fun on Saturday. Brandon spent the morning helping a friend and took Zander with him, so I was home with Ady by myself.
First of all, I tried to get her to take a shower with me, which usually isn't a problem, and is the easiest way to get her clean. She refused to get in. But, as soon as I got out, she threw a big fit because she didn't get to take a shower. *sigh*
Then, I tried to get her dressed. She wouldn't let me put her diaper on her. She kicked and screamed and threw herself around. I finally got tired of it and put in in time out, in the pack-n-play. I told her that as soon as she was ready to get dressed and be nice to me she could get out.
She sat in the pack-n-play, naked, for at least half and hour.
I finally managed to get her dressed and thought that everything fine. But then I got distracted doing something and turned my back on her for a minute. When I found her, she was in the bathroom, completely naked (again!), giving her dolly a bath. In the TOILET!
GRRR! Back into time out she went!
Needless to say, by the time Brandon got back home, I was pretty fed up with my little girl.

We had her room mostly finished, so she was able to take a VERY long nap. (hurray!)

Here's what the finished room looks like:


Caranna said...

Aren't kids so much fun!? Ady's room is cute... very girly ;)
I'm glad we've never had dolls in the toilet!!

Brandi Jo said...

I completely understand where you are coming from! My boys are constantly doing a power stuggle with me. Especially Gavin... the whole 2 thing is great! I love the room and adore the pink fan!! One day, I hope I can use pink to decorate! Ha ha...

By-the-way... I totally can see a little baby bump in the picture! Yeah... are you totally excited? You'll have to let me know what your family's names are again that live in Byron. I might be headed up there the end of September. My Great-Grandma just recently shut her store down. I am totally bummed! :-(

hillari said...

Her room turned out so cute! I love it.

Charlene said...

I love the pink room. I wish I could say that the drama with girls gets better, but unfortunately it will get worse :)