Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics and Other Stuff

If your family is anything like mine, you've become obsessed with the Olympics the last few days. It is so thrilling to me to see the entire world come together. I really enjoy watching the events and sharing them with my children.

One of the first events that we watched as a family was the Mens Gymnastics prelim on Saturday. While we were watching them preform on the rings and the pommel horse, Zander kept saying "I could do that!" And he tried to act out what they were doing.
So, maybe we will have to look into getting him into gymnastics to see if he really likes it.

In other news, the last few days Ady has decided that she is a BIG girl and wants to sleep on her big girl bed. She has done amazingly well! I was afraid that without being in the crib, I'd have to worry about her coming out of her room every five minutes, but we haven't had the problem at all! Now, we just need to convince her that she needs to use the potty EVERY time and we'll be set!


hillari said...

Sareny was the same way with the women's gymnastics! Maybe we'll have to get them in together somewhere...

Caranna said...

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! It's been on at our house nearly non-stop and my kids have been way into every even. Tate likes the swimming best, but Canton was really digging the gymnastics.
And my baby squeals and claps at everything!

Téa said...

The Opening Ceremonies were *incredible* and our TV's been on a lot too this week. Men's gymnastics events always amaze me with the sheer upper body strength & muscle control (like in your picture--wow!).

Maybe you can give Addy a medal ceremony when she hits that gold-level potty performance =)