Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A new look for my van

A few weeks ago, I meet ScribbleIt in an Etsy chat room. I'd actually seen her shop before, and admired the beauty and simplicity of her designs. While we were chatting, she asked if I'd be up for a trade. Of course! But I wasn't sure exactly what I would need from her. Then she suggested a vehicle decal to advertise my shop. What a great idea!

So, as a result, my van has a new look. I think it looks great, but now I feel like I have to be a little more conscious of my driving. Not that I wasn't before, but if I accidentally cut someone off (I wouldn't do that, right?) it will not only reflect on me, but my business as well!

Be sure to check out ScribbleIt's shop. I plan to order from her again as soon as I know what I'm having and we decide on a name.


Kandice and Rob said...

Nice! You should hang a mini Zadyball from your rear view mirror, or keep one on the dash or some conspicuous place so people will get an eyeful of its coolness & they'll get more curious about your site!


What is funny is now I see you every now and then and KNOW it is you because of the Zadyball sticker... kinda like Heidi West's Avon van, I see her all the time too.