Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the WINNER IS...

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my little giveaway! I had a total of 54 votes (from both here and Etsy), which made it much easier to figure out the favorite that I should enter in the contest.

So, I made a list of all the entries, numbered each one and went to to choose a completely random number. #23 was selected, which happens to be...

Apple Blossom Designs

Congratulations! You get to select your choice of ZadyMini!

And, the winner of vote, no surprise here, is HOOTS THE OWL!
He easily defeated the competition with a total of 18 votes! In second place was Fetch the Dog with 12 votes.

So, Hoots will be entered in the Etsy Handmade Kids Challenge! Wish me luck!
Thanks again to all who participated!!

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