Saturday, August 16, 2008


Yesterday was SO busy! But I feel like I got LOTS accomplished!

First of all, I had a doctors appointment in the morning. My OB is in Scottsdale, which is almost an hour drive away. So, I figured that while I was going all the way out there, I might as well do some other things on that side of town as well.

So, the appointment went really well. I was surprised when I went in and they told me that they were going to do an ultra sound. I'm only 17 weeks, and Dr. Hale usually won't do an ultra sound until at least 20 weeks. I was actually a little disappointed because I thought this would be "the BIG one" and Brandon wasn't with me. But it turned out that the doctor only wanted to follow up because with the ultrasound I'd had at 8 weeks he'd seen some extra fluid. He just wanted to get another look and make sure everything is okay. And it was. :) It was fun to see the little munchkin moving around in there. I saw the head, an elbow, and even some little toes! Fun! Dr Hale tried to see if he could determine the gender, but he said it was still to small to tell. But, it was fun anyway! And I get to have another one when I go back in a month. That will be the BIG one!

So, after the doctor I went to a fun little shop called Moonbeams. I had contact the store owner a few days before and told her about the Zadyball. She had looked at my website and asked me to come and show her more. So, I took quite a few Zadyballs in for her to see, and she bought them all! So the Zadyball is now available in a local store!

After that, I met my friend Patti for lunch. I don't get to see her very often since she lives in Scottsdale. So that was lots of fun!

Then, that afternoon, I took Ady to get her 2-year-old pictures taken. They turned out SO well! I got a tutu for her from littlefortunecookie. It is SO cute and just made the pictures look great! Here she is dressed in it today. As soon as I get the pictures back, I'll post one here.

Check out littlefortunecookie to get one of your own!


The West Family said...

How exciting to have your product sold in stores. Keep us posted. You are going to do great. We will look for news next month too.

Caranna said...

You are so very successful! What an awesome sister I have! Your fame is growing! And someday soon people will Ooo and Ahh when I say "Alayna Slinker is my sister!"
I'm glad that everything is going well with your little pumkin'.
And I'm anxious to see Ady's new pictures. I like Tu-Tus but I think Ryan would get grumpy if I dressed our kids in one ;) But I think it would make for some really fun pictures!