Friday, August 1, 2008

A Big Girl Room

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It all started last week. I was sick and Brandon needed to get something from Lowes, so he took the kids with him. He came home with a little more than he was planning on getting. A PINK ceiling fan. Apparently our little girl already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger and knows how to get whatever she wants. She saw the pink fan at the store and just HAD to have it!

So, Daddy put the fan in her room.

BUT, there was a problem. It just didn't go with the walls. I wish I'd taken a "before" picture to compare. The room was originally painted before we were even pregnant the first time. We wanted it to be something neutral, and yet baby-ish. And what fits that more than pastel colors, right? So there were three different pastel colors - blue, yellow and green. Very light. And then before Zander was born, we tried to make it a little more "boyish" and added some jungle animals that really didn't go with the paint. I never really did like it all that much.
I wanted to redo the room when we first found out we were having a girl, but Brandon didn't go for it. It's been that way for close to five years, and I've really gotten sick of it. So, the new fan was the perfect excuse for a change!

Besides the fan, we've been trying to figure out how we are going to fit three kids in our house. Ady's room had been doubling as a guest room with a queen size been next to the crib. We decided that we'd have to get rid of the guest bed and put in a smaller bed for Ady, and then the baby will of course have the crib.
We'd been thinking that bunk beds would be a good option. And it could go in the boys room if we have a boy, and the girls room if we have a girl. But what about guests?
We went shopping and found a great solution! A bunk bed set with a double bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top! And we got what we feel was a really good deal.
So for now, we'll put the double bed in Ady's room and keep the top bunk in storage. She can start to sleep on the double, and it's still big enough for guests. And, it's another reason to redecorate. :)

So we decided to go with pink (of course) and we got paint to match the colors in the fan. The darker pink is VERY bright, but we only have it on the lower part of the room. The plan is to put in a white chair-rail to separate the colors. It just didn't get finished tonight. It was an all day project - mostly Brandon, but the kids and I helped.
Now we just have to convince Ady to sleep in a big bed. That will be yet another adventure!


Anonymous said...

How fun for Ady once she gets adjusted to it.

hillari said...

very cute! I love the colors.