Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm blushing!

I know this is my third post in the last 24 hours, but I have to share this!

Every once in a while I search for my shop name on the Etsy forums. (I just like to see if anyone is talking about me). I did that today, and I was AMAZED at what I found! It feels so weird to find people complimenting you when you aren't even around.
The first thread I found was one called "What Etsy Shops Do You Consider Famous?". I actually contributed to this thread because there are several shops out there that I admire and I see them everywhere. So, I think they are famous. When that came up on the search, I figured that someone was just replying to me or something. But, this is what I found on page 15:

Beadz4BookWormz says:
These are some more that I remebered that I see around alot so I consider them famous! And there stuff is awesome!:

ZadyBall -Stuffed toy balls for children

Wow! Someone considers me famous??! Crazy!

But, even more amazing was that was a thread I found started by RightAsRainCreations, who I consider famous. She has purchased a few things from me and I was thrilled with the feedback that she left, but the fact that she started a thread about it to tell everyone, just blows me away!

Here is what she said:
Have you purchased something gush-worthy from Etsy? Post it here and tell us why you would recommend that seller!

I'd like to take a moment to highlight Zadyball:

I have bought three items from her shop so far. The first was the zadyball butterfly for my daughter. She is four months old now and her butterfly is her favorite toy righ now! She crinkles the wings and her little fingers can easily grasp the legs and she loves to shake and swing it!

I just ordered two of the Zadyminis. These are so well-priced and are perfect for gift-giving! The size is great too for little hands and fit more easily into a diaper bag for travel.§ion_id=5339669

My items shipped quickly, and were packaged well too! If you need a baby gift and want something a bit different that the baby will actually use - then look no further!


Be sure to check out her shop. She has some awesome stuff! I'm planning to try her lotion and scrubs when I have some money to spend on ME!


hillari said...

wow--good job!

Daryl and Misty said...

Congratulations, that is really cool!

ElegantSnobbery said...

You know, I totally consider you famous! In fact, when you bought a print from my shop last week, I was jumping up in down because I always love a sale, but I was mostly jumping up and down because "someone famous bought from my shop!!! (which is seriously what I was shouting out to my husband when I saw your order). Not even kidding! Congrats to you and you deserve the forum love! Your product is unique and adorable!!

Kandice and Rob said...

Well, they're all correct! Your stuff is awesome. :)