Friday, June 26, 2009


I realize that I have fallen behind. So, this will be a update of the last week and a half.

We finished our vacation with more fun. We spent another day in Washington DC and were able to tour the White House and the Capital. While we didn't get to meet the president, we were in the building at the same time as he was. They had to close down one of the halls for a while as he passed through.

The Capital was pretty neat too. That building is pretty incredible.

More vacation pics:

With a MAGICIAN at the resort

We made it home. The first leg of our trip was pretty exciting. The flight we were supposed to be on coming out of Richmond was delayed several hours. If we were on that one, we would not have made our connection. So, they moved us to a different flight. It was supposed to have left at 1:05, but at 4:30, it was still there. The ticket agent told us we would have to run to make it on time. So we did. We didn't even get to say goodbye to Dad/Grandpa. :(
After we were ON the plane, we still didn't leave right away. We taxied away from the terminal, and then they said that we couldn't take off for 20-40 minutes. AND, the A/C was NOT working on the plane. It was HOT. And not the same kind of hot that we are used to in Phoenix. It was humid and hot. Miserable. It was just a little propeller plane, so it was very noisy too. Not a very enjoyable flight.
Thankfully, once we finally took off, it took less than an hour to get to Philadelphia. Then we had time to eat and get the kids changed into their pajamas before we had to get on the plane.
The flight was not full so we had an extra seat to put the baby on. That made a big difference. All three kids slept the whole 4 1/2 hours. It was very nice. I didn't sleep much though. Those seats aren't exactly comfortable.
We got to Phoenix at 11:00pm, but it felt like 2:00 am since we had adjusted to Eastern time. Our bags and carseats got here a day after we did. that was fun. We had to drive home with unsafe kids.

The baby has been rolling all over the place. I tried to get a video of her rolling, but for some reason, as soon as the camera comes out, the bigger kids jump in front of it. So, the only video I got is of Ady saying "Me, me! Take a picture of me!"
I'll have to try again soon.
Here are some cute/funny pictures I got of the kids:

Thursday, we went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History. The one with the dinosaurs. The Phoenix Library has a new program called the "culture pass". You can get free tickets to museums and stuff. But, they only have a limited number they give out each day. You have to be at the library right when they open and fight your way through the crowd to grab the one you want. I was trying to get the Children's Museum, but my kids weren't speedy enough and it was gone before I could get it.
We had fun looking at dinosaurs, even though we'd been there before.

Zander talked me in to buying him a fossil hunting kit. It came with a "fossil" buried in "rock", along with the tools to dig it out. It turned out to be pretty messy, so I made him take it outside. He had lots of fun playing paleontologist.

Today, I found out the Old Navy is having a sale. $5 shorts and swim suits! I'm normally not a big fan of Old Navy, but that sounded too good to pass up. Shorts are somewhat of a necessity here, and the ones I have are becoming pretty worn out. So, I dragged the kids along with me and went shopping. I ended up getting two shirts and three pairs of shorts for $25. I love a good deal!
Here's my $15 outfit: (notice the kid jumping into the picture - ignore the dirty fingerprints on the mirror)

Now you know what we've been up to for the last 10 days. Hope you've enjoyed it ;)


Kandice and Rob said...

Cute outfit! I love the colors. Zander looks pretty serious about his fossil!

The White House said...

thanks for posting about the sale. I totally forgot about it and had been complainging to Brady that I didn't have any real shorts, all mine our flood pants. There is a difference when the weather is a hundred degrees and you want just that much less fabric. Thanks again. I got 2 shorts and 2 new shirts.
Love your outfit!

hillari said...

Very cute outfit! Sounds like a very fun trip.