Thursday, June 18, 2009

Washington, DC

Yesterday we spent the day in our nation's capitol. This was a brand new experience for all of us and it was VERY cool.
We left our hotel at about 6am. It took us longer than we thought to get to the city. We are staying in Virginia, and it turned out to be a 2 hour drive, especially in traffic. We planned to catch the Metro at the first station, but we couldn't find a place to park! And there were TWO very large parking structures! So, we fought the freeway traffic some more and found a nice parking lot a few metro stops in.
I really wish that Phoenix had a public transportation system that worked at well at the one in DC. It got us downtown pretty quickly, and we found that it could take us just about anywhere we wanted to go. We got all day passes so we could just hop on whenever we wanted to. (after walking to the station of course)

I was really amazed at just how BIG the National Mall is. I don't know why, but on TV it just doesn't look as HUGE as it really is. We planned on seeing it all, but it was raining most of the morning, so we tried to stay indoors.

We saw the Museum of Natural History. Zander loved seeing the dinosaurs.

We saw the Air and Space Museum. That was Brandon's favorite.

We saw the Lincoln Memorial (after the rain stopped) and the War Memorials.

The Washington Monument is VERY tall.

We walked. and walked. and walked.

We saw the temple too. But that was at the very end of the day and we were pretty
tired, so we didn't stay long.But it was very neat!

Today we are recovering and hanging out around the resort. We will go back tomorrow for our scheduled tours of the White House and the Capital Building. We will try to see the Bureau of Engraving and Printing too.


debra g said...

What a fun trip! I've heard that seeing the temple when you come around the bend is a beautiful sight!

Krystal said...

What an awesome vacation! Great pictures and fun stuff! Ive always wanted to visit the east coast.