Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just... Life

I've been a real slacker lately. At least when it comes to posting. It feels like I've been REALLY busy.

Here are just a few things that we've done recently.

Sang happy birthday to Daddy - yes, we were a little worried that we might start a fire with all those candles!

Spent time with my cute kids. Here, my girls are wearing the cute matching skirts that my friend Hillari gave us. Zander wanted to be in the picture too. (of course)

I curled Ady's hair for church. It was fun to fix her hair extra special. She really liked it too. She kept looking in the mirror and was excited to tell everyone that "mommy curled my hair!"

This was a BIG accomplishment. I've had a VERY hard time keeping my work room (AKA Zadyball headquarters) organized. Maybe I should post a "before" picture, but I'd be too embarrassed. My husband made these wonderful shelves for me to put my fabric on. They are AWESOME! I can actually see what I have rather than digging through piles of stuff every time I need to find something. The room has actually stayed clean for a few days now.

I made an entry for the most recent Etsybaby Challenge. This is Walter the Warm and Fuzzy Monster:

Go vote for him here.

I was featured on Mommy Loves It. If you want to WIN a Zadyball, go enter Here.

That's all the goings-on that I have pictures of. We also have been doing swimming lessons everyday, 4th of July fun, and just trying to keep up with life!