Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Time Fun

We started swimming lessons this week. The pool is really nice, but the kids were a little disappointed that there is no water slide like there is at the pool we've gone to in the past. But, there is a nice shady area for me to sit at watch. They even have misters to keep it cool.
My friend Hillari signed her kids up for classes at the same time as mine, so it's fun to have them there. Her baby is older than mine though, so she gets to do the mommy and me class. Ainzlee won't be able to join in the fun until she is six months old in July, so for now, we just sit and watch.

It's not too bad though. Ainzlee's usually pretty happy if I just put a towel down for her to lay on and give her a few toys to play with. I've started bringing a book to read. I don't get to just sit and read very often! It's nice to have that time to myself.

We found out that the school right around the corner offers the Summer Food Service Program. Free lunch for the kids! It does cost $2.50 for adults, which isn't too bad, but I think I'll try to pack a lunch to take for myself.
After lunch on Thursday, we decided to go to the splash park at Tempe Town Lake. It was fun, but VERY crowded. It was a little stressful trying to keep track of all the kids. Thankfully, since Hillari was with me, we could work together a bit. We'd switch off for potty breaks and if the kids wanted to go to two different places. (Big kids and little kids usually).

This is shaping out to be a very fun, but very busy summer!

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