Saturday, March 1, 2008

The writing is on the wall

SO, I guess that it is time to cut out nap time for my three-year old son. He's been fighting it for a while, but I've pushed it because it's about the only time that I can get some work done.
But, this is what happens when a three-year-old is left alone too long with a Sharpie. (Ask my husband why there was a Sharpie in his room....)
These pictures were taken after my first attempt at cleaning up the mess.


rtisan said...

aha! My son did this too, when he was wee one. Aren't kids so fun!

Cindy Joy said...


My son loves to draw with sharpies and is very put out with me on a regular basis that I won't allow it. All the sharpies have moved higher and higher in the house as he has gotten older. They now reside in an upper cabinet inside a coffee mug. If they weren't so darn useful, I would banish them from the house entirely! Try one of those white Mr. Clean scrubbies on it. It might take it off the painted surfaces. Good Luck!