Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What my kids got in their Easter baskets

I LOVE shopping on Etsy. My husband thinks that I'm a little obsessed with it, and I suppose that I am. But, I got some fabulous gifts for my kiddos!
I chose to feed their obsessions. Currently, Z is all about pirates and A is in love with DUCKS.
So, I got them each a pair of lounge pants from Ivy&Mae (aka mamaziel) . They love them SO much and want to wear them all the time.

Check out Ivy&Mae for more GREAT children's items!

I also got Z some socks to help him learn his left from his right. These came from girliemomma, and are non-slip, so he can run around on the tile with out sliding into the walls (which has happened more than once!)

Here's more great stuff from girliemomma:

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