Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Favorite Etsy Purchase

I got lucky enough to find the "SNS Secret" from southpacificbody on Saturday, Feb 16 (my birthday, by the way). What I got was "OVER Fourteen ounces of Olive Oil Soap Ends". Basically samples of lots of different soaps from her shop. They are SOOOO awesome!

With most soaps, my biggest complaint is that they dry out my skin, and leave an icky film. With these soaps, that DOESN'T happen!! My skin is so soft, and NO film!

My favorite so far is the Mocha - it has little chunks in it that massage and exfoliate. LOVE IT!! I am definatly going to be back for more when I run out.

She also has natural deodorant that I REALLY want to try. It will be my next Etsy purchase for sure!

Check out the rest of her shop - she has some GREAT stuff!


Infinite Cosmos said...

I LOVE south pacific body! I got some body souffle from her not too long ago and it came with a sample of the mocha soap. I kept it laying around for a while because it smelled sooooo yummy and i didn't want to use it up too quickly!
And how lucky for you!

Karma by Morgan said...

your soaps look good enough to eat! nice blog - easy to read and approachable! good luck and im going to check out your etsy site too :)

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Nice presentation.Her things seem wonderful.

SouthPacificBody said...

Thank you for pimping my products! :) I was really happy to send you a box of free goodies on your birthday! I'm glad you like everything so much! The mocha is my husband's favorite. Did I send you a Sweet Bamboo? That's one of my favs!