Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life Today

I need to work on setting realistic expectations for myself. The craft fair was not all that I'd hoped it would be. I sold 11 mini Zadyballs, so it was nowhere near what I had hoped for. But, I more than doubled my entry fee. *shrug* I think what I really need to do is find shows with just the "right" people. I need people that are looking for baby stuff. Where do I find those people??

I did get to meet StaceyRebecca. That was awesome! It was like meeting a celebrity. Right up until her son almost choked on one of my candies.

**While candies may be a good idea to get people to come and talk to you at a craft fair, when selling children's items, they need to be child safe.

Maybe next time I won't do hard candy. I'll do suckers or something instead. Or skip the candy all together as it seemed to bring in the wrong people...

In other news, yesterday I made this onesie for my daughter to wear. Is it "right" of me to turn her into a walking billboard?

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