Sunday, March 30, 2008

Love Hurts!

I had the first experience with witnessing my son's heart breaking today.
His "girlfriend" (see the picture of her at the zoo) just turned 4 last week. She had decided to have an all girl birthday party, and they painted their nails and brushed each others hair and played dress up. No BOYS allowed.
Her mom told me about it a couple of weeks ago, and I of course chose not to mention it to my son.

Well, today, she came up to him at church and told him how great her party was and how fun it was to have "just girls". He was SO sad! He cried for a long time because she didn't invite him to her birthday party. He just couldn't understand WHY!

So, now he has decided that he is going to have a BOY party for his birthday. It's coming up in about 6 weeks. And he is NOT going to invite HER!
HA - young love!!


BePe Baby said...

Poor baby!! He will break many hearts in his day too LOL

hillari said...

Yes, I'm so sorry about that! I had no idea she would go and do that or I would have spoken to her beforehand. I felt so bad!