Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Zander really enjoys his karate class. He has a goal of getting his black belt. I know it will take time, but I hope he sticks to it!

They have an awards ceremony at the end of every semester. The students get the chance to show of their moves and they get their new rankings.

Brandon wasn't able to come this time, so I tried to do the best I could with two not so patient girls with me.

Zander was a green belt with a black stripe, his new rank: green belt with blue stripe. Really, it doesn't mean a whole lot right now. He's still in the green belt class. Up until now, he's skipped a rank every time. This time, he didn't. I was glad that the teachers decided to keep him with the green belts. I think he could use a little bit more practice. But Zander was pretty disappointed. He was really hoping to move up to BLUE belt. They get to start learning to spar and their tournaments are held on Saturdays (instead of Sundays). But, next time, he'll be blue belt for sure!

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