Monday, March 28, 2011

Luke Days

Since the girls got to have some fun with Dad, the next day, he thought it would be fun to take the boy for some boy fun. So, they went to a gun show that was being held at the Cardinal's Stadium. But, on the way there, Brandon saw a sign announcing an air show, and he realized that it was the bi-annual "Luke Days" at Luke Air Force Base. So he called me and asked if I wanted to go. I was a little hesitant, but agreed. So, the girls and I met the boys at the stadium (after daddy bought his 6-year old boy a LARGE pocket knife. Seriously. I don't know what he was thinking.) And we drove to the show.
That is, we tried to.
Luke Days is a BIG DEAL. There were TONS of people there. Traffic was crazy. Parking was worse.
We finally found a place to park AT LEAST a mile from the entrance. We followed the crowd of people and slowly made our way. We had to wait in a LONG line just to get in as they were doing security screenings as you walked in. It took about an hour from when we parked to actually getting on the base. And then we had to walk MORE to get to where the planes were on display. But, at least we got to watch some neat planes doing tricks in the air while we walked and waited.

There were all kinds of airplanes on display. The kids had fun looking at them.

Ady liked the PINK fire trucks

Daddy was excited to show the kids a C-130 - the type of plane that he flew on when he was in the Air Force.

Then we sat and watched the air show.

They announced that the Thunderbirds would be flying soon, so we decided to wait. The kids played with the camera while we were waiting. Zander is a pretty good photographer. I thought these turned out pretty cool.

After waiting, and waiting, and WAITING.... we decided it wasn't worth it and started the trek back to the car. They were in the air more than an HOUR after they had originally said they would be. At least we got to see them fly over us a couple of times as we were walking. The kids liked that.
We were very TIRED by the time we were done! But it was a fun day, I'm glad we went.

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Caranna said...

Neat! I'm glad your kids got to see the kid of plane that thier Daddy flew in, that's awesome.
I agree, Zander is quite the budding photographer!