Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Pictures

My wonderful, talented friend, Tamara Hancock, was kind enough to spend some time taking pictures of me and my family. They turned out great!

Me & my belly:

Me, my hunny, and the belly

My cute kiddos

The whole family


debra g said...

What beautiful pictures! You all look so great, but I have to ask...did someone try to cut her own bangs? :)

Alayna said...

yeh, I guess I should have said something about that. Naturally she did it just a couple of days before pictures. I thought about chopping it all the same length, but decided to leave it as blackmail for the future.

Caranna said...

I love the pictures Layney! I wish I'd done some good pregnant pictures.

I thought Ady was cute, I did that to my bangs a few times. You'll get to look back and have memories ;)

Zander is so big, and so handsome!