Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Ainzlee!

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is TWO years old! She has grown so fast!

We decided to keep her birthday party fairly simple. We only invited family and a few close friends. For the theme, I asked her what she wanted. He response: TINKERBELL.
So, I did the best that I could to make a Tinkerbell themed party.

The Cake:

For the cake, I searched high and low for a cute little Tinkerbell doll to put on top. I didn't have much luck. Most of the ones that I found were either too big, or not at all cute. So I finally decided that I would have to improvise. I found a few little princess dolls. One was Cinderella, and one was Tiana. Since Cinderella has blond hair, and Tiana was wearing a green dress, I decided to get them both and make a Tinkerbell.
I had to paint Cinderella's headband green, since it was blue, and I made some wings for her out of vinyl and some glitter. I attached them with a little rubber band. I think it ended up pretty good. The cake wasn't quite what I had originally envisioned, but it worked, I guess.


For lunch, Ainzlee said she wanted chicken nuggets and french fries. So, we invited the family to meet us at our favorite place: Chick-Fil-A.


After lunch, it was time to PARTY!
We had cake and ice cream

And opened gifts
She asked for a bracelet, and a ball... and got LOTS of each!

What a fun day!

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