Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More of my favorite things - blankets

I mentioned in a previous post about the "5 S's" for soothing a crying baby. The first, and possibly most important, step is Swaddling.
To properly swaddle a baby, you need the right kind of blanket. It needs to be big enough, and preferably somewhat square. The receiving blankets that are sold in stores work for maybe the first week. After that, they are completely useless. (Who came up with those anyway?)
So, I've tried to find other blankets that will do the trick. Technically, I could probably make some for myself, but I'm sure they wouldn't be nearly as nice as the ones I found.

The first one that I bought came from cootiepants. Coincidentally, I came across her shop because she bought from me. Just proof that shopping really is an advertising expense. *wink*
Anyway, the blanket I got from her is SO cute! It is very simple, just one layer of flannel, serged around the edges. But, it is PERFECT for swaddling! In fact, it was the blanket that we used when we first brought the baby home from the hospital.

We got another swaddling blanket from mamaslittlemonkeys. It is also very simple, but very functional! We chose the monkeys, of course, because big sister is STILL very much obsessed with them!

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