Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Trying to Surivive

I won't lie.
This week has been a little rough.

Brandon went back to work on Monday, so I was left alone with all three kids.

Monday actually went surprisingly well. I got more sleep than I expected (which really isn't saying much), and I had the kids fed, bathed and dressed in plenty of time for school. I even (miraculously) got all three to take a nap at the same time. (Now that takes talent)
Then, I went above and beyond (ha) and made a delicious supper out of what little we had left in the house - Potato Cheese Soup. The kids didn't think it was so great, but Brandon and I did.

But, my triumph was short-lived.

Unfortunately, the yummy soup I made included onions. Personally, I know better than to eat onions. They give me terrible heartburn. But, they are oh so good, it's hard to resist every once in a while. I think the onions had the same effect on my breatmilk - and Ainzlee was up and miserable all night long.

Tuesday, I decided to be brave and take the two girls grocery shopping while the boy was at school. Not so much fun. It had been quite a while since we had really had a "stock up" trip to the grocery store, so my list was rather extensive. That meant that the cart was soon full and there was no room for Ady. She actually was remarkably well behaved (she didn't run away from me), but she wanted to "help" push the cart. This wouldn't have been so bad, except that Ainzlee started SCREAMING. So, I took her out of her car seat and attempted to carry her, keep Ady from steering the cart into everything and everyone, and shop all at the same time. Oh what fun.

By the time Zander was home and we had lunch, I was exhausted. But, I didn't get the amazing nap time like I had the day before. The big kids did spend some time in their rooms. I think Ady slept. I finally managed to get Ainzlee to sleep and I lay down on the couch. I had JUST fallen asleep when I felt something. I opened my eyes to see Zander's face inches from mine. He was done napping and wanted to play video games. I let him and tried to snooze a little while he was jumping around chasing the bad guys.

Wednesday was slightly better. While Zander was at school, the girls and I had some fun. We put Ainzlee on a blanket for some tummy time and Ady and I took some pictures.

Miss Ainzlee on her blanket from Mommys Little Monkeys.

My Girls

"Take a picture of my FOOT, Mommy!"

"Now take a picture of my LIPS!"


"Baby's HAND!"

Now, I have to survive today. No school for the boy. So far the morning has been pretty crazy with several fights having to be broken up. Brandon has tomorrow off. Thank goodness for reinforcements!


Imogen's Garden said...

you're gonna make it! those early days are tough...but they'll be cherished memories soon enough.

your girls are GORGEOUS!!


Bummer about the onions! :(
I saw you at the store that day... I've been there... not fun. I remember the first time I took all 4 of mine to the store, I swore I would never again... but I have. I just have to ignore everyone's looks as my kids terrorize the store! :) Hang in there, it will get easier! Hope you can get some needed rest! Let me know if you need anything!!

Krystal said...

yes, everyone is right, it does get better: right about when your older two learn what bribes are in the grocery store. i usually buy mine a candy or cookies or poptarts before i start my shopping so they are too busy to cry or run away. good luck :D

Rachel T said...

I only have one newborn but I really feel for you and understand some of your exhaustion. My baby still isn't a great napper, which is why I find it so hard to nap with her in the afternoons--I'm too tense (waiting for her to suddenly wake up crying) to fall asleep!

debra g said...

Bless your little heart. Cute pics.