Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hamster drama

Remember the hamsters that Brandon insisted on getting for the kids about a month ago? The ones that have been keeping us all awake at night? The ones the pet store told us were both MALE?
Well, this morning, when Zander was getting dressed, he called to us - "Mom, Dad, come quick! Look!"
"What is it Zander?"


Baby hamsters.

The hamster known as Black Stripe, who we've noticed was getting quite a bit bigger than Speed Racer, is the proud MOTHER of 8 little hamster babies.


Brandon took them back to the pet store. We'll keep Speed Racer.

Zander can have a fish.


by...Jackie (aka, mom, grammie) said...

Oh my!! Kind of like having rabbits huh? Cute story though...thanks for sharing....:)

debra g said...

Yikes! It is better to only have one hamster though. Good luck with the fish.

boogaboobabies said...

Oh my goodness, I would have a fit!

The Dominguez Family said...

I didn't know that the store would take them back, babies and all!

hillari said...

horrible! that sounds like what happened to my sister. you could have gone into the hamster business.

theronquillos said...

Ha ha ha! So funny because this happened to me about 5 years ago. I adopted 2 "boy" hamsters from a animal rescue center. Then Harvey the Wonder Hamster had 5 babies.

Good thing you took them back to the pet store. They can get pregnant again the VERY SAME DAY they give birth. How do I know? Harvey gave birth again, even though I separated them almost immediately...

p.s. This is Holli, Hillari's sister. I love your blog!

jenny said...

the pet store is good for that telling that you have mael hamsters for whe well you got one of each any how how you can tell if there the same sex well you have to pick them up as well like there mothers do when thay are just babys and then you have to rub them down where thay well go bath room at and well if theres any balls you will then see them i well had found out abt this when well when i was a kid and well my hamsters started to have babys but well i was told that i had 2 meal hamsters just like you had been and well if you dont pull them apart they will have a lot more of them like every week or so that just how much babys hamsters can have well i just wanted to pass on some info on well what i do know abt them things and yes i love hamsters there realy neet

Caranna said...

Surprise!!! I'm glad Brandon took them back! I think a fish will be less work - that'll show Brandon - maybe he will do as 'you've discussed' from now on!

Love you Layney