Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why I Blog

I think that every blogger has his/her own reasons for blogging. I thought that I should state - for the record - exactly why I am doing this.

Why I Blog:
  1. I blog because I want to keep an account of my family's life. My children are growing up before my eyes, and I don't want to forget a moment of it
    However, it is not possible for me to blog about EVERY little thing that happens in my life, or the life of my children. I try to keep up, but I do get behind sometimes. Things may get left out.

  2. I blog because I have lots of pictures of MY children that I want to have at least somewhat organized and displayed in some fashion. I've resigned myself to the fact that I may NEVER catch up on scrap booking, so this is one way to display family photos.
    I do NOT blog to display pictures of other people's children. If they want their kids displayed, they can put them on their own blog.

  3. I blog because I enjoy sharing my family's news with our family and friends.
    I do NOT blog with any particular reader or groups of readers in mind.
    I do NOT blog to make anyone else happy (or sad, or angry, or whatever).

  4. I blog because I LIKE it. I like to write about things that happen to me and how I feel about them. I like to get feedback about those things from people that happen to read it. It is healing to write about life's events - good and bad.
    I do NOT blog because I think my life is more interesting than anyone else's.

  5. I blog because I like to share things I've learned about or things I'd like to buy (like fun Etsy stuff).
    I do NOT blog because I want to show off to anyone.

  6. I blog because I see it as a tool to promote my business. I like to pretend that at least someone who reads it cares about the new things that I make and would like to know about them.
    Yes, I'm trying to run a business here!

The bottom line is, this is MY blog. I have my OWN reasons for using it. I'm not going to change it for anyone else. I'm going to post what I want to post. I'm not going to apologize for anything I have or have not posted here, or anything I may or may not post in the future. If you don't like what you see here - DON'T LOOK.

That is all.


Amy O'Neill said...

Ok, I have to know... did you get a complaint about your blog??? I hope not!! :)

Anonymous said...

really not necessary, kinda mean, we read because we care