Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Life Sketch of John & Catherine Good(e) of Galion, Ohio

For anyone reading who may not know this about me, I really enjoy Family History. I love putting together the pieces of information like a big puzzle of someone's life.
I've been working on the Goode family for about 2 1/2 years now and I thought I should put everything that I had found about them together in one place.
These are my husband's great-great-great-grandparents.

Life Sketch of John & Catherine Good(e)
John was born in about 1827 in Ireland. He emigrated from Ireland to the United States some time before 1855. He could have been on the Ship Kingston that arrived in New York 18 sep 1849. (I’m not sure if that is him or not).
Catherine was born in about 1835. Most sources state that she was born in New York, but there is a small chance that she was born in Ireland as well. I am unsure of what her maiden name was as I have found it listed differently in different places. On one of her children’s death certificates it says “Haley”, another says “Fitzgerald”. On two of her children’s baptism records it says “Fitzpatrick”. This will need more research.
John and Catherine were married before 1856 and lived in Greenburgh, Manchester, New York. John was working as a gardener. They moved to Galion, Crawford, Ohio between 1860 and 1863. John worked for many years on the railroad.
In 1900, John was living with his daughter, Catherine, and her husband. He died 4 October, 1904 of “Old Age” in Galion, Ohio.
Catherine died 28 Aug 1892 in Galion, Ohio and was buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
  1. Elizabeth Good – born about 1856 in New York, died 12 Aug 1890 in Galion, Ohio; buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
    • Burial record says “Lizzie Good” – probably never married
  2. Thomas Good – born about 1858 in New York
  3. John Good – born about 1860 in New York
  4. Daniel George Goode – born 11 September 1863 in Galion, Ohio; died 25 Mar 1917 in Alliance, Stark, Ohio
  5. William Good – born 10 January 1867 in Galion, Ohio; died 23 May 1886 in Galion, Ohio; buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery.
  6. Catherine Good – born 9 January 1869 in Galion, Ohio; died 21 January 1949 in Galion, Ohio; buried 24 January 1949 in Fairview Cemetery, Galion, Ohio.
  7. Michael Good – born 1 November 1870 in Galion, Ohio; died 13 November 1930 in Alliance, Ohio
    • Served in the US Navy
    • Never Married
  8. James Good – born about 1873 in Galion, Ohio; died 12 November 1908 in Galion, Ohio

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Paulette Hickman said...

I am in possession of a Good(e) family bible. Passed down to me from my aunt Dorothy Volk through the Dougherty family here in Galion who were also of Irish descent. In the bible dated 1884, I believe, was listed the deaths of William, Lizzie, Catherine, Thomas ,John, and James,dated 1886-1908. The death of John is the same date as you have.

Alayna said...

Paulette - that is awesome! Would you be willing to send me a copy of it? I would be very interested in having that information!
Could you please send me an email? alayna@zadyball.com


Anonymous said...

I am named after Blanche Beatrice, too cool!!