Thursday, March 5, 2009

Potty Training Update

It's been two weeks since we officially started potty training. So, I thought I'd give a little update.
I'd like to say that everything is going perfect, no more accidents, blah blah blah. But, that's just not the case.
I can say that things have gotten better. Accidents have decreased. Pee accidents are actually pretty rare. She's even started going without me telling her too. (Awesome!)
But, poop on the other hand....
I'm not really sure how to get her to realize when she has to go. And, I almost think that she when she does go in her pants, it's to get back at me for making her do something she doesn't want to do. It usually happens at naptime and bed time. Last night, I asked her why she pooped in her panties (this was 15 minutes after I put her to bed and she had been crying, "I don't want to go to bed!".) She answered "because I wanted you." Nice.
She went during naptime yesterday too. And tried to clean it up herself. By wiping it on the wall. REALLY gross.

I was really hoping to have all this taken care of BEFORE this weekend. My parents are coming to visit for Ainzlee's blessing. They will be staying in Ady's bedroom which will need to be sanitized. I'll try to get that done. Sorry Mom & Dad.