Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Day

I've had a crazy day yesterday. I took Zander to school at 9, then I went visiting teaching at 10. It was really nice as we finally got to meet with a couple sisters that have been on our route for a few months, a grandmother and her granddaughter who live together. It was good to finally meet them. I couldn't stay long though because I had a meeting with Zander's speech therapist at 10:30.
That was pretty good. It was basically just to tell me that he's making progress, but since it's only been a couple months since they started working with him, they feel that he needs more help. They wanted to complete the paperwork so that he can continue to receive assistance next school year. I asked what will happen if I send him to a different school. They told me that it will be the responsibility of the district that we send him to, but I can take all the paper work that they have already completed so that he won't need to be retested. I guess that's a good thing.
That meeting only lasted until 11:00. Zander usually doesn't get out of school until 11:30. His teacher told me that I was welcome to come back to the classroom and sign him out a little early. He was just finishing up snack time, and wouldn't miss out on much. So, I thought that would be fun for him. He was excited to have Ady see his classroom and his friends, but when I took him to leave before everyone else, he had a little breakdown. His teacher was getting a handout ready, but didn't have it printed yet, so he didn't get one. (She told me what was on it though - just info that they have spring break next week, so no school).
But, he was SO upset that he didn't get a paper, that he refused to leave. He sat outside the classroom and started throwing a fit. I had my hands full with two little girls, so I was trying to talk to him. I thought if I started walking away, he might come. But, as I walked towards the door, the teacher who's class he was SUPPOSED to have been in (we switched him out at the advise of our friends) came flying out of her classroom with a terrible look on her face. She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him over to me, yelling at him for not doing what his mother said. She asked if I wanted her to walk with us to the door. I told her "NO THANK YOU". I'm sure she thought she was helping, but the way she did it was awful! I'm SO glad he's not in her class! (THANK YOU Heidi and Jen!)
Anyway, after all that, we went home to have lunch. Ady refused to eat anything and went and lay down on the couch. She had been sick off and on since at least Sunday, so I took her temperature. It was 103.5. I gave her some Tylenol and called the doctor's office. The nurse I talked to told me that they didn't have any openings, but since it had been going on for so long, I should get her to Urgent Care. So, I loaded up the three kids and off we went.
The baby was crying, and the two big kids both each had to use the bathroom twice while we were waiting to be called. (so fun). When she finally was seen by the doctor, we found out that she has bronchitis and an ear infection. She has wheezing in her lungs, so they had her do a breathing treatment to try to help it. That took about 10 minutes, and Zander was jealous that HE didn't get to do it too. (sheesh) Zander threw another fit about that -- and I was ready to send them all to bed by the time we got home. They sent us home with three different prescriptions: one for the ear infection, one for the congestion, and one to try to help the rash she's had for nearly 2 months (I hope it works!). I don't like drugging my kids, but she's been so miserable for the last several days, I really want to help her get better!

She seems to be feeling much better today. Zander is off school for the next eleven days, so I need to come up with some fun things to keep us all from going crazy.


Krystal said...

Oh thank goodness Im not the only one! Crazy days just never seem to end! :D best of luck to you

Caranna said...

Sorry Layney!
I hope you find lots of fun things to fill your spring break time! Ours isn't until the LAST week in March.
I momentarily had the crazy notion to drive all the way to Phoenix for a visit, but I came to my senses ;)

alwaysadorable said...

I've wondered why I haven't seen you in chat! So sorry to hear you and your family have been so sick. It is always scary to end up at the ER! Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog too, and leaving such a sweet comment!