Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Universal Studios - Day 7

Thursday was the day we went to Universal Studios. Zander was VERY excited to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
We headed there first, but were told that there was a 75 minute wait just to get it. So, we were given a "Return Pass" to come back at 11:30. We saw Jurassic Park stuff while we waited.

Brandon and Zander went on the Jurrasic Park raft ride. The girls and I walked around. We went down the Triceratops trail where there was a "REAL" Triceratops with dinosaur experts to tell us all about it.

We stopped by the dinosaur discover center to learn about dinosaurs.

Finally, it was time to go to see Harry Potter stuff.
Entering Hogsmead

Hogwarts Castle

The original plan was that Brandon and Zander would go ride the rides and the girls and I would look in the shops for the Harry Potter things - gifts for Zander.
BUT, it didn't work out that way. First of all, they wouldn't let Zander on the ride. He was 1/4 inch too short - even with the boots we bought for him. But, he did get to walk through the castle, and there was a smaller ride - The Flight of the Hippogriff - that he was able to go on.
As for shopping - there was an hour wait JUST to get in the shops. It was SO crowded. As I've mentioned, I do NOT function well in crowds. I found a little corner to "park" in as we figured out what to do.

There were a few neat things to see - I kept having to explain to Ady that it was NOT real snow, it was not REALLY cold, and she didn't need to touch it to see. Notice ALL the people? It was NUTS!

Thanks to modern technology - texting - I was able to let Brandon know that we were leaving, and the girls and I headed to Suess Landing.
It was all decked out for Christmas.

We rode on the Cara-Suess-el

And we looked around a bit while we waited for Brandon and Zander. They waited in line to shop and got a "real" Harry Potter wand and a time turner.
Then it was lunch time and the fun REALLY started.

What do you get when you mix an already defiantly independent almost-two year old with a week of late nights, early mornings and naps on the run? NO FUN! We had to wait in line for lunch, and they wouldn't let us bring the stroller in. She didn't want to stay with us, and we couldn't exactly have her running around. She refused to be held in my arms, so I was holding on to her arm as she pulled and pulled trying to get away.
And then there was a pop, and a scream.
When Zander was about the same age, his elbow was dislocated while playing "monkey" with dad. So, we figured it was the same thing. They had shown us then how to pop it back in place. Brandon tried, and it didn't work.
So, while Zander, Ady and I ate, he took Ainzlee to the nearest first aid station. They gave him some ice for it, and told him where the nearest emergency room was.
So we left. She cried the whole way there. And screamed louder if we tried to move her arm at all.
ERs are never much fun, but at least we didn't have to wait very long before they took us back. They took her for an X-ray - Brandon went along. After she got back, the nurse gave her some Motrin. 5 minutes later, she was jumping around as if nothing had ever happened. By the time the doctor came to see her, she was perfectly fine.
Apparently, when they moved her arm to get it in place for the x-ray, they popped her elbow back into place. Brandon hadn't been twisting it far enough when he tried. Lesson learned.
Even though we hadn't done everything we had wanted to at Universal Studios, we decided that we were tired, and just called it a day. We went back to the timeshare to pack and get ready for the trip home.

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