Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disney World 2010 - Day 5

After getting some much needed sleep, we headed to Hollywood Studios. They have some really fun shows that we wanted to see. The first one was Playhouse Disney Live on Stage.
Waiting for the show to start

It was a fun show with puppets from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins and Handy Manny. The kids really liked it.

We met up with Gran and Papa and went on the Backlot Tour. They started with a little demonstration of how they do special effects on water for movies. There was explosions and fire. And Ady cried. And cried and cried. (She is a very sensitive princess)

We rode on a truck that took us around the studio backlot. We got to see how they created special effects and saw a "boneyard" of large movie props.

After the tour, we ran into Mike and Sully from Monsters, Inc. Ainzlee was too scared to even get out of the stroller.

We had some FastPasses for the Tower of Terror. Since I'm pregnant, and Ady's not big enough, we gave our passes to Gran and Papa, and they went with Brandon and Zander. While we were waiting, I noticed that there was a Beauty and the Beast show about to start. So, the girls and I went it. Ainzlee fell asleep, but Ady thought it was great.

There was lots of singing and dancing - as good as a Broadway show, just not as long. It was great fun!

After we found Daddy and Zander, we decided to check out the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" play area. Unfortunately, we weren't the only ones with that idea. It was VERY crowded. And Zander took off as soon as we went in and got lost among the crowd of children. Brandon went to try to find him and left me with the girls. I do NOT do well in large crowds, especially where my kids are involved. So, I wanted to get out of there are soon as we could. But the girls got to ride on a giant ant first.

Then it was time for Jedi Training Academy. We had actually planned to go to an earlier show. We saw a show the last time we were in Disneyland, and they chose kids from the audience to be the trainees. We figured that's how it would work there too. But, we found out that they actually had a sign up list, and there was still an opening in the 4:30 show - the last one of the day. We hadn't planned on staying that late, but since that was one of the main things Zander wanted to do while we were there, we signed him up.
We were told to arrive 15 minutes early.
This crazy girl had fun jumping off of rocks while we waited.

Ady was scared before it even started. She didn't even want to watch the show because of the bad guys.

Waiting for the show

Lined up with the other trainees

Getting a Jedi cloak

Ready to begin

I thought that I had a good seat - right in front of the stage - but I didn't realize that they would have some of the trainees on the floor. Naturally, that's where they had Zander stand. Right behind some other kids, so I couldn't get very many good pictures.

Ainzlee got a little scared when the bad guys came out.

Zander got to fight Darth Maul

These are pictures taken by the Disney photographer. Not great quality, but the best I can get without paying $15 each. (yikes!)

It got dark not long after the Star Wars show. We left to have dinner, and came back a bit later with Gran and Papa so that Zander and Daddy could see the Indiana Jones stunt show and Gran and Papa could see the lights.

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