Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I'm falling behind! I figured that before I post anything about Christmas, I need to get caught up, so here's what we did for Thanksgiving this year.

We DROVE to Idaho to visit my family. We managed to time things pretty well the whole trip.
We left Tuesday evening at around 6pm. Crazy, but it worked. Thankfully, I have a wonderful brother and sister-in-law in St. George who were willing to let us barge in on them for the night. It was fun to see them too, even thought it wasn't for very long.
On Tuesday, most of Utah and Southern Idaho was hit with a blizzard. Not in St. George of course, but we were a bit nervous about what the road conditions would be like as we drove. So we checked the Internet before we left and there was one section of road that said that snow tires or chains were recommended. So, before we left St. George, we decided to find some snow chains - just in case. It took us about an hour and 3 different stops to find a store that had any. As it turned out, we didn't actually need them, the roads were completely clear the whole way. But now, in case there's every a blizzard in Phoenix, we will be prepared.

The drive was pretty uneventful and we arrived in Preston just before dinnertime on Wednesday. This is what it looked like as we drove into town. Pretty!

That night, my dad took my husband and my sister's husband to a Utah State basketball game. They had lots of fun, I'm told. I got to stay home with my mom, sister, brother and sister-in-law... plus 14 kids. It was a crazy fun time! We had fun playing dress-up. All of us. There were quite a few pictures taken, none of them with my camera, and I have yet to see any of them.

Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. We spent the day making yummy food. The kids had lots of fun playing together and playing in the snow. Being Arizona children, snow is quite the novelty. It was lots of fun, until they realized just how COLD it was.

Then it was dinner time! Yummy!

We had lots of fun with family. The kids liked playing with their cousins, and took turns holding baby Skyler.
On Friday, some of us went sledding. I stayed home and played cards.

We went to the electric light parade that night. It was cold, but fun. We stopped by Gavin & Callie's house afterward for some hot wassail and cookies. Yummy.

Saturday was the annual Bed Races. I had heard quite a bit about this event, but had never actually witnessed it. So, we went to see what it was all about it. Basically, there are teams of racers. People to push the "bed" (pretty much just a bed-like cart) and a couple of riders. They start at one end of the block, then stop in the middle to switch riders. The riders have to exchange the "nightgown" and helmet, then hop back on for the pushers to push them to the finish line. Pretty exciting stuff. My dad was the official announcer. It would have been more fun to watch if it hadn't been so COLD. The kids weren't very happy by the time we left.

From there, we headed home. We decided to stop in St. George again. The whole way there, we saw signs telling us that there was a winter storm warning. Another blizzard would hit between 12 and 3 am. We got to St. George at about 9pm. It actually snowed there that night, but by morning it had pretty much all melted.

It was really a fun trip and we were glad that we went. We were also very happy to be back home!

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