Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Catch up - September 2010

A trip to the zoo

(I'd forgotten about this until I found the pictures on my camera!)

I got a culture pass and decided to take the girls. We went first thing in the morning, but it was still HOT!!

Watching the monkeys

The petting zoo - Ainzlee was scared of the goats and wouldn't get near them. Ady had a great time.

Then we decided we needed to cool off, so we went to the splash park. If I'd been smart (like most of the other parents there) we would have brought swim suits. Instead, my kids just got wet in their clothes. Oh well, at least they were cool and happy.

Ady liked the zebras

And the flowers

We only stayed for a couple of hours because of the heat, but we had a good time anyway. Next time we will plan better.

Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame museam is located right across the street from Brandon's office. We've driven past it many, many times, and I always wondered what was inside. So, on a day that Zander didn't have school (teacher in-service or something) I decided that we should go check it out. It was a fun time!

There LOTS and LOTS of fire trucks - some of them hundreds of years old.
There was one that the kids were allowed to play on

And an area with lots of fun things for kids

Zander liked climbing UP the pole - he is really strong!

We had a good time and I'm glad we went. But, it was a little pricey, so it will probably be awhile before we go back. But, the best part was that we got to have lunch with Daddy after we were done!

Random pictures

just like Mommy?

Ellie the Elephant

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