Friday, February 26, 2010


Last Friday was the last day of Ady's 6 week dance class. I was a lot more disappointed about that than she was. I thought she would beg to go back, but when I asked her if she wanted to sign up for the next class she told me no.
So, I guess dance isn't her all time favorite thing - right now anyway - but I think she had fun.
For the last class, the "families" of the dancers got to watch as they put on a little show. They showed us everything they had learned. It was lots of fun to watch!
There were eight little girls ages 3-5, all dressed up in little leotards and dance shoes. Super cute! The warm up exercises the teacher did with them were very clever. The started with their heads and said "yes, yes, yes" (nods) and "no no no" (slowly), then shoulders "I don't know, I don't know". To stretch their legs, they pretended that a spider was tickling their toes and they had to reach down to get it. I thought the teacher was really great with them!

They did learn one little dance that they showed us. Of course it was far from perfect, but oh so cute!
(I tried to upload the video, but for some reason it won't work!)
This link might work

I am very proud of my ballerina, and I don't feel too bad that she's ready to move on. We may try gymnastics next! (or, thanks to the Olympics, Ice skating??)

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hillari said...

So cute! Wish we had a little extra money to try something like this!