Friday, February 19, 2010

A Black Eye - and Green Eggs and Ham

On Tuesday of last week I got a call from the school. My son was in the nurse's office. She wanted to let me know so that I wasn't shocked when he came home. Apparently, he had taken a bad fall while he was climbing the "spider web" on the playground. (One of those metal, half-circle things that kids like to play on). The bar hit him right above his eye. This is what he looked like when I picked him up:

And the next morning it looked even worse!

I kept telling him that he should tell people he was in a fight, but, thankfully, he didn't go along with that plan. He was actually quite embarrassed about it, and got tired of everyone asking him what happened.

In other news about my boy, on Monday (the day before the black eye) he got an award at school - "Appreciation for Reading Green Eggs and Ham to the Class". He got the book Green Eggs and Ham for Christmas, and spent much of Christmas break learning how to read it. He was pretty excited that he got to share it with his class. So, after he got the award, he asked if we could have green eggs and ham for dinner. I didn't have any ham, but I cut up some turkey slices and dyed some scrambled eggs green. It was basically just like an omelet, and if you could get past the way it looked, it was actually quite tasty.

I like green eggs and ham - I really like them Sam I Am!

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Anonymous said...

that looks really NASTY, Oh Lord, I don't think I could eat it!! :)