Monday, July 20, 2009

Our fun and exciting weekend

This last weekend we went camping with Brandon's family. We headed up to Fort Tuthill near Flagstaff, mostly to get away from the heat and spend time together.
We were just hanging around camp - Brandon and his Dad were fast asleep in their chairs - when we saw a news truck pull up.
Of course we started to wonder what was going on, why they were there, what could possibly be news worthy...
Then, we found out that it was US! A camera man walked over to our camp and said they were doing a story about people leaving Phoenix to escape the heat for the weekend and he asked if he could film us and ask a few questions.
At first, he wanted to interview my mother-in-law, Zona, but she didn't want to get in front of the camera. So, he interviewed me. All the kids gathered around in front of me. (My two kids and my niece and nephew). Then he asked if he could interview one of the kids. He tried to talk to Zander first, but he kept looking down at the mic, and Ashlee kept talking over him and answering for him. So, he interviewed her.
In the meantime, Zona had picked up the baby, and the camera man wanted to get her on camera, so Zona was interviewed too.
Later, we also got to meet Steve Bodinet, the "famous" reporter. It was pretty exciting to be on TV, but it would have been nice to have time to prepare so that I didn't look like, well, like I was camping!
Here we are on TV!

We really had a fun time camping. It was quite a bit cooler there. My kids and husband thought it was "cold" at night, but I thought it was just perfect! It was a little bit toasty during the day, but MUCH better than home!
The baby did not do well sleeping away from home. She was up several times in the night and ended up sleeping with us - attached to me most of the night. I didn't get a lot of sleep.


Krystal said...

I loved the news clip! you guys look good on tv :)

Charlene said...

Loved the news clip and the clip of Brandon sleeping in the chair is priceless!

The Dominguez Family said...

Verrrry verrrry brave of you to agree to be on t.v love the shot of brandon!