Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is my baby boy's FIFTH birthday! It's hard to believe that I became a mother for the first time FIVE years ago today. It really seems like the time has flown by.

We have spent the day weekend celebrating.
First, on Friday, he got to go to a movie with Daddy and Papa, then camping at the Father's and Son's outing. I don't have any pictures of those because I kept the camera with me.
On Saturday, the girls and I drove up to Gran and Papa's house (less than 10 miles from the campsite) so that we could celebrate with them.

He is currently very into Indiana Jones and always wants to dress up like him. I made him a whip for Christmas, but apparently it isn't realistic enough (it doesn't actually HURT if you get hit by it.) His father (who I love dearly) thought that he should upgrade his whip. I made him a satchel and a whip holder so he can carry it on his belt (and not stuffed down his pants like he has been doing).

We've tried to make it clear that he needs to be very careful with the whip. Daddy dearest learned WHY we don't get the kids "toys" that can hurt. He was first to get whipped by it when the boy cracked the whip and didn't know daddy was right behind him. Left a large welt on his arm.

Today, I went to his preschool class and brought treats for everyone. I made "worms in dirt". Chocolate pudding with Oreo crumbs on top - with a gummy worm. I thought they were good. They kids didn't really know what to do with them. Zander thought it was great to have Mommy and his sisters come to his class.

This afternoon was the BIG party with all of his friends from church. We invited 13 kids. Only two didn't come. It was BIG fun. I was SO thankful for friends who stayed to help. I would NOT have been able to do it by myself. (THANK YOU Misty and Hillari!)

We stuck with the Indiana Jones theme. I had the music playing the whole time (now it's permanently stuck in my head).

We wrapped the kids up like mummies.

Sent them on an obstacle course through a tunnel filled with spiders and over a snake pit.

We played tug-o-war. Somehow the big kids ended up on one side, and the little kids on the either. Hardly a fair fight.

Zander had fun opening presents. He got lots of cool new toys!

We had cake. (Made by ME :)

And we played some more

(Ady refused to put pants on. And she wanted to wear her boots. fun.)

It was a fun time. But it was HOT out. And I was SO worn out by the time it was over.

I hope he had a good day.

Happy Birthday Zander! I LOVE you!



hillari said...

I didn't remember he had so much hair as a baby! The party was tons of fun, and I actually enjoyed being able to help. You did a great job! And birthdays seem to last at least that long over at our house too. :)

The White House said...

Dads are a little slow on leanring sometimes. I am still laughing that he was the first to get hurt. I hope Zander had a good birthday. I can't believe he is 5 either, how time does fly.

Krystal said...

Fantastic cake!!! Good job mom! :D Youve done great with the last five years :D

Gavin said...

That Ady pic reminds me a great deal of her cousin Duncan. Same obstinate expression, same opposition to pants. Although, when Duncan goes on pants strike, it is generally all the way.
You have one boy, I have four. Welts are a way of life for us. We don't have whips. belts and ropes work great. And since the soft foam swords that mom and dad thought would be ok can easily be torn apart with your teeth, we all pack table knives stuck into our pants and whack each other with sticks.

Caranna said...

You're such a good Mommy!! I love your theme parties you're so awesome! I hope I can be like you when I grow up! ;)

I'm with Gavin - anything can be used as a weapon (even dolls) so why give them an ACTUAL weapon!?
Silly Daddy.

Indiana Jones IS pretty cool - Everything at our house lately has been Iron Man and X-Men.