Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ainzlee is now FOUR months old! Where has all the time gone? She is really growing so fast! In fact, I think she popped out her FIRST tooth today! I'm really not very pleased about that because it means feedings will probably start to hurt. more that is. She has started doing a thing with the feedings where she latches on for a minute, then gets distracted or looses interest and pulls away. My nipples are NOT detachable by the way.
I'm hoping that now that her tooth has come (mostly) though, she will be a little less fussy. She's been awfully cranky for the last week or so. Maybe this is why. I'd love to get some sleep.
Sleep. That's another thing that's been fun lately. She has decided that 3:00 AM is the PERFECT time to play. Joy.
But, she is still super cute, so I forgive her.

That leads me to another topic. She is still sleeping in our bedroom in the pack-n-play. Our other kids were moved into the crib by the time they were 3 months old. But, it's a bit more complicated this time. The crib is in her sister's room. And, it's not that I don't trust her, but, well, I don't. I'm afraid that she'd be a little *too* helpful - and fill the crib with toys, blankets and who knows what else.
Plus, the only thing worse that having one kid up in the middle of the night would be having two.

So, what should I do? Does anyone have any advise on the subject? When did your kids move in together? How did it go?


The White House said...

Brady said to add on a new room. All I have to say is good luck. I haven't even tried making the boys share a room yet, not looking forward to that.

Phil and Stacie said...

I usually just put the older kids together for a while and give the baby his/her own room. Good luck!

hillari said...

My kids are pretty heavy sleepers, so Finley never wakes them up. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Finley though. She is an extremely light sleeper and has occasionally woken up when the other kids are getting in their beds. It really hasn't been too big of a deal though. But I also like Stacie's idea.

debra g said...

We made all our babies sleep in our closet until they were at least a year old. It worked out well. We realized that we were waking up the baby with our movements in the middle of the night when they were in our room. But in the closet he/she would sleep all night. We are going to be in a fix when our new baby pops out though, because both the bedrooms already have 2 kids in them. Yikes!
Maybe the baby can sleep in our closet until she's 5. Hallie should be moving out by then. :)
Good luck.