Saturday, November 1, 2008


The kids have been SO excited for Halloween! The big day finally arrived!
We went to our ward's "Trunk-or-Treat". It was SO much fun!

I made our family's costumes this year. Zander has been obsessed with the Backyardigans lately, so that's who we went as. Zander was Pablo the Penguin(of course), Ady was Uniqua (PINK!), Brandon went as Tyrone the Moose, and I got to be Tasha the Hippo. Even Zander's imagninary friend, Ted got in on the action. He was Austin the kangaroo. ("Ted got his costume at Target", Zander told me).

Here are some pictures of the fun! You'll notice that there is no picture of me, as I was behind the camera. But, there were other people taking pictures too, so, maybe I'll have one someday. I was a cute hippo - if I do say so myself.

Daddy as Tyrone - I bought the shirt and the pants, but was told that the blue stripes on the shirt were not thick enough, so I painted them. I also attached the antlers and ears to the hat.

The kiddos! I tried to get Zander to let me paint his eyes, but he wouldn't let me. I think it would have made a difference. With his costume, I bought a long sleeved blue shirt and sewed the belly on to it. I also made and attached the bow tie, and I made the pants. I was lucky enough to find a spinner hat online!
For Ady's, I made the little overalls. She was excited to have her hair and face painted PINK!
I also made the dog costume for Ashlee - I used a pattern of course. The closest thing I could find was a pattern for the lion from Wizard of Oz. So, I modified that to make it work!
Drake is the cute pumpkin in the picture!

Here's Ady after she won the cake-walk

All in all, we had a fun Halloween!


Caranna said...

Your kids are SO cute!! Ady looks a little confused, like, 'what am I supposed to do with this!?'
You are so very clever! I hope you can find a picture of you as a hippo! I'd like to see that ;)

Phil and Stacie said...

So loved your costumes! You are so creative! And that's hilarious that "Ted" found a costume at Target =) Got to love that imagination!!

Kandice and Rob said...

You guys looked really good. I bet Ady would be happy if she could be pink every day!


You are soooo creative! Loved your costumes!

Téa said...

Isn't Backyardigans so much fun? You've put together some cool costumes from their favorite shows (remembering last year's Little Einsteins get-ups).