Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My wonderful boy and a fun find

I've slacked off this week with posting. Life just gets crazy sometimes.

I do need to brag about my little boy. He sang a solo in church on Sunday, and he's only FOUR years old! He sang "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" and I thought it was amazing! We've been working on it for about two months.
He really loves to sing, and learns new songs very quickly. The only problems he had with this one was remembering which words went with which verse. So, to help him, I made little signs with pictures that I held up to help with the places he'd been having trouble. I think it made a big difference!
I'm so very proud of him!

This last weekend, I finally managed to get somethings framed that I've wanted done for a while. (You'd think that since we have a framing company, I'd be able to get any frames I want... but I always seem to be at the last of the list.)
One that I had done is a wonderful, fun print from a fantastic artist I've met on Etsy, Marisa Hopkins, aka ElegantSnobbery and TootsieAndGrace. Since Ady has an obsession with monkeys lately, and with the color pink, I thought this would go beautifully in her room. Now that it is framed, it is finally hanging in there. Every time Ady looks at it she squeals and says "My monkey picture!"

Marisa has such a wonderful style. I love all her artwork!

Her TootsieandGrace shop is a collaboration with her daughter. "Three year old Gracie designs each piece using a black permanent marker. Next, mama Marisa uses colored pencils to enhance each picture and fill them in with bold and bright colors." So awesome!


ElegantSnobbery said...

First of all, your son is just just a doll. Good for him, what an accomplishment!

And second... I am so glad you all love the Jenny the Silly Sock Monkey print!! She looks fabulous framed!! Thanks for my feature!


Charlene said...

Zander did an amazing job Sunday. You did great Zander and you are a great example to all of the sunbeams in primary :)

Brandi Jo said...

He did such a great job! I love it when he sings in church!

I should remember the framing thing... I might use you guys when customers of mine want pictures framed... :-)

Anonymous said...

Zander did a great job. It made me cry. He has a special gift.

The West Family said...

ZANDER- you filled the room with the sweet spirit and Sister West almost cried. I just want to squeeze you.

Your Mommy & Daddy did a good job this week too. Good job on getting your house in order and donating to DI. The POD is calling your name- we love you guys.