Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A happy birthday - and a camping adventure

We thought it would be fun to go camping for the holiday weekend. And, since it was Ady's birthday, we decided to have her party at the campground. My thinking was that there would be less mess to clean up, and it wouldn't be in my house!
Ady has recently developed an obsession with monkeys. Ever since her brother's birthday back in May, she has been saying that she wanted monkeys for her birthday. Nothing would change her mind! So, this birthday party was ALL about the monkeys!

Super cute monkey clip - custom made by PammyDawn

Happy girl

In her birthday shirt! I put the monkey on it. I think it turned out pretty cute!

We had a great party! Lots of fun!
But, then it started to rain...

The kids thought it was great fun to play in the rain. We even saw a beautiful rainbow! (Zander with his cousin, Ashlee)

When we went to bed Saturday night, we thought the storm was over. But, around 2:00am it, started to POUR! Brandon, the kids and I were sleeping in our popup tent trailer with Brandon's parents. So, we kept pretty dry. But, his sister, with her husband and two kids, were in a tent. And it LEAKED! A little before 4:00am, they brought two, soaking wet kids into the trailer and said they were packing up and going home. Everything they had brought with them was wet.
We told them that we could make room in the trailer, and they could stay in there until morning. But, in the process of making room, we put one too many people in the bed. And it collapsed!
Now, none of us had a safe, warm bed to sleep in. So, we packed up, in the middle of the dark, rainy night, and left for home a day early!

But, at least we had an adventure!


Goldtone Designs said...

Oh No!!!!!! I'm sure you'll laugh about it.....someday! LOL

So sorry to hear Ady's B-Day was rained on :( Happy Birthday Ady!

hillari said...

It sounds like you mananged to have fun before all of that happened anyway. Happy Birthday Ady!

Brandi Jo said...

WOW talk about an adventure! :-) That stinks that the trailor broke too! Sounds like despite all the challenges that last night you all had fun.

Kandice and Rob said...

That STINKS about the rain!!

But Ady looked pretty happy at her party. I like the monkey shirt, too!