Saturday, September 27, 2008

My wish list

I've started thinking about what I'd like to get for the new baby. There's lots of things that I DON'T need because we already have TONS of girl stuff (clothes mostly). But, since I didn't know about Etsy when my first two kids came along, there are some things I've seen there that I REALLY want to have!

So, I thought I'd start a little wish list. I obviously won't be able to get everything, and I am by no means suggesting that anyone buy these for me. But, I have a lot of fun looking!

Here's just a few on my list:

Butterfly Mobile from BuggaLove. I've always thought it would be nice to have a mobile, but never gotten one! These are so fun and pretty, and she is willing to take custom orders! I want a pink one!!

Super soft blanket from LittleSnuggleBunny. Every girl should have a super soft and silky blanket! This one is SO beautiful!

Nursing Cover from CheyLoCreations. This is something else that I've always wanted! My babies have always gotten to the point that they just love to pull the blanket off when I'm trying to be discrete. This would REALLY help!

Speaking of nursing - reusable nursing pads from BooBonnets. I've always used disposable ones, but I'd really like to try something like this! Only problem is that I really tend to leak, so I'd need to get several! I love the fact that these are just simple white. Lots of other handmade ones I've seen use funky fabrics, which may be good for some, but I like to be as discrete as possible!

Okay - that's just the start of my very extensive list. I'm sure I'll be back with some more soon!

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Brandi Jo said...

that is so neat! I have to go on to Etsy when I have some down time and take a peek! They seem to have a lot of neat things!