Monday, August 22, 2011

Zander's 7th birthday

Zander chose WAFFLES with LOTS of whipped cream for his birthday breakfast.

The girls and I went to the school to have lunch with him. At his school, if your parent comes to have lunch with you, you get to eat outside, AND invite a few friends to join you. It's a pretty big deal.

I asked him what he wanted for lunch, and he told me he wanted a LOT of chicken nuggets. So I got the 20 count from McDonalds. He ate about 15 of them. The girls ate the rest. He was very proud.

For his party this year, he asked if we could go camping. We invited a friend, but he wsan't able to come, so it was just family this time. Gran and Papa, Aunt Jewlee, Uncle Sean, and cousins Ashlee and Drake. It was lots of fun - even with a 6 week old baby!

It was a little cold

But the kids had fun riding bikes

And playing hide-and-go-seek

And sometimes both

The fire was warm

The baby was good

And fun was had by all

Camping breakfast is always great

Especially when it's followed by a hike through the woods

The birthday boy didn't want cake. Just ice cream. Not exactly easy when you're camping, but Gran & Papa have a freezer in thier motor home, so we made it work.

Lots and lots of presents

Cute cousins

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